... (freack) wrote in eesti_keel,

За огромное человеческое спасибо

Не мог бы кто-нибудь перевести это на Эстонский ?

I consider exceptionally curious mind to be my main strength.I am a rapid learner and can swiftly acquire the skills necessary to carry out my duties to highest standards.
• -> Charismatic and empathetic, I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. I never fail to be polite and friendly, and am a great team player, being very cooperative and always ready to help.
• -> I have a mature attitude. I'm a determined and self-motivated individual, displaying initiative and confidence in myself and my ideas. I have no trouble making decisions under pressure. I can work independently and have great organizational and time management skills.

With these qualities, I would prove to be an asset to your company.

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