Диана (modjanka) wrote in eesti_keel,

Поможите люди добрые...

Товарищи! Помогите перевести на эстонский, а то совсем ум за разум заезжает...

A man can be driven and harassed and worked upon by aberrated people about him until he too conceives shadows to be reality. Should he simply reach out toward them, he would discover how thin and penetrable they are. (Окружающие со смещенным восприятием реальности могут довести человека до такого состояния, что он и сам начинает верить в материальность теней. Но если бы он просто протянул к теням руку, он бы убедился, как легко проникнуть сквозь их тонкий слой.)

Only by establishing causes can one cease to be the effect of unwanted situations.
It is one thing to be able to observe. It is quite another to utilize observations so that one can get to the basis of things.

Through the centuries PR has remained only partially developed as a subject, suppressed in its development by the ill-intentioned who were only interested in using it to serve their ulterior motives

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